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julio 2016

Bous al carrer, Picassent

8 julio, 2016 - 17 julio, 2016
Pueblo de Picassent,
Picassent, Valencia España
+ Google Map

Fancy having a huge, drunken water fight with some added DANGER? Dodge the bulls and down cañas among friends, music and water bombs in Picassent. Read more here:  bous al carrer, Picassent 2013.

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junio 2016

San Juan // Xufa Rock

23 junio, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 24 junio, 2016 @ 3:00 am
Playa Patacona,
Alboraya, Valencia, España
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How does Spain celebrate Saint John? Fire. And fireworks. And more fire. And beer. Cue the gathering of thousands of jóvenes on Valencia’s beaches while dozens of bonfires, chinese lanterns and fireworks light up the Mediterranean coast to the backdrop of the bands of Xufa Rock. Get a taste of what happened last year in our article here.

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febrero 2016

Las Fallas

28 febrero, 2016 - 19 marzo, 2016
Valencia, 46001 España
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Las Fallas. To those of you who are familiar with Valencia’s biggest, loudest and most fiery fiesta of the year, these two small words may conjure up chaotic images of flames, smoke, noise and crowded streets. Batten down the hatches, Fallas is here. Read more here: Fallas is coming! Fallas 2015 in photos  

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octubre 20152015

Fiestas Populares de Patraix

3 octubre, 2015 - 12 octubre, 2015
Plaza de Patraix, Valencia, 46018 España
+ Google Map

El barrio de Patraix celebra la 21ª edición de sus Fiestas Populares, en esta ocasión en homenaje a la Comunidad de Cantabria.

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septiembre 2015

Festes Populars de Benimaclet

11 septiembre, 2015 - 20 septiembre, 2015
Barrio Benimaclet,
C/ Reverendo Rafael Tramoyeres, Valencia, España
+ Google Map

DIVENDRES 11 19:00h Cercavila i Pregó Popular 20:30h Microteatre “Autostop 2.0: oda a l’existencialisme i a la democracia interna” 21:00h Sopar de Pa i Porta 22:00h Concerts: Pupil·les Dilatives i Smoking Souls en acústic DISSABTE 12 10:00h I Mundialet Reivindicatiu de Benimaclet, canxes de Vicent Saragossà 18:30h Debat Festes Alternatives, al final del Carrer de Diogenes Lopez Mencho 21:00h Prenem l’Escenari: Jam Sessió de Dones + Pati Difusa, CSOA L’Horta DIUMENGE 13 12:00h Pinta el teu Poble, punt de trobada…

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agosto 2015

La Tomatina

26 agosto, 2015 @ 12:00 am - 12:00 pm
Plaza del Pueblo,
Buñol, Valencia 46036 España
+ Google Map

Tens of thousands of people cram into a small square in Buñol, a small village 40km West of Valencia city, for a tomato fight using 125 tons of tomatoes.

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julio 2015

Feria de julio

1 julio, 2015 - 31 julio, 2015
Río Túria,
Alameda, Valencia, España
+ Google Map

A fairground and stalls pop-up in the Túria riverbed for the duration of July. Look out for further listings of bull fights and the «Flower war» (Batalla de las flores).

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febrero 2015

Carnaval de Benimaclet

27 febrero, 2015 @ 5:00 pm - 1 marzo, 2015 @ 4:00 am
Barrio Benimaclet,
C/ Reverendo Rafael Tramoyeres, Valencia, España
+ Google Map

Dolçainas, dancing, drumming and drinking: el carnaval de Benimaclet is back on the 27th and 28th of February. Read more here: Benimaclet Carnaval 2015.

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